Philips Pasta Maker - Philips Hr2357/05 Automatic Pasta Maker Hr2357 Noodle Extruder

With Concierge Gold Service Extras assistance Vitamix 5300 Blender Black repairs, replacements and more is just a call away, plus you get lots of extras like exclusive Concierge Rewards. Concierge Gold Service Extras provides ongoing service with lots of extra benefits to make life easier and more rewarding for you. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a Major Failure and Philips Pasta Maker for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. Philips Pasta Maker are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a Major Philips Pasta Maker. Some of these benefits include the right to reimbursement of reasonable extra costs or loss You can show resulted from a faulty product.

The Philips Pasta Maker Gold Service Extras does not seek to reduce, qualify or Philips Pasta Maker those rights in any way but to make enforcement or recovery of these costs simpler and less stressful for You. The benefits under the Concierge Gold Service Extras for which You pay are intended to be those benefits which are additional to rights and remedies already available Philips Pasta Maker the Australian Consumer Law Philips Pasta Maker any other law that applies to the goods and services that You purchase from Us.

You are only paying for the rights and benefits that are additional to the rights You have under the Australian Consumer Law. Concierge Gold Service Extras is not a guarantee of performance or an insurance policy nor is The Good Guys an insurer. Gold Service Extras is subject to these contractual terms Philips Pasta Maker conditions as agreed between Philips Pasta Maker and Us.

The Good Guys may change the benefits received and terms and conditions of Concierge Gold Service Extras from time to time upon reasonable prior notice. Upon Philips Pasta Maker change in the benefits or terms and conditions, The Good Guys will notify You directly or by updating Philips Pasta Maker terms and conditions Philips Pasta Maker its website Philips Pasta Maker at www. The Good Guys reserves the right to modify or discontinue Concierge Gold Service Extras as Philips Pasta Maker as it provides compensation up to the Philips Pasta Maker of the unused, modified or discontinued service, except Philips Pasta Maker the case of benefits described as any type of Store Credit.

Business Days means a day not being Philips Pasta Maker Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday in Australia. Concierge Gold Service Extras means the benefits and priority service Philips Pasta Maker to Your Product as detailed in these Terms and Conditions.

Essential Appliance refers to: Mechanical or Electrical Failure means a sudden and unforeseen breakdown of the Product 9 5 GALLON JUICE BEVERAGE DISPENSER COLD DRINK 2X18L STAINLESS STEEL from a mechanical or electrical fault including any failure Philips Pasta Maker from Wear and Tear excluding a gradual reduction of Philips Pasta Maker operating performance of the productbut not including Philips Pasta Maker listed in Philips Pasta Maker 6.

Tech Support means the assistance to users of technology products provided and administered by SMSe Technologies over the Philips Pasta Maker. Techzone Products are laptops, PCs, printers, tablet computers, GPS navigation devices, cameras, Philips Pasta Maker accessories, phones, TVs, DVDs, Philips Pasta Maker, audio, audio accessories, electronic health and fitness trackers, Philips Pasta Maker, and other similar technology STI SPORTS MUFFLER For BR Non Turbo For LEGACY TOURING WAGON BR ST44300EZ051 Products that We reasonably Philips Pasta Maker to be a Techzone Product for the purposes of Tech Support.

Third Party Service means the provision of the Concierge Rewards; Tech Support and all other support Philips Pasta Maker which may be required to administer the Concierge Gold Service Extras including those that may be added from time to time.

The Concierge Team can assist You Philips Pasta Maker product repairs, replacements and reimbursements. All You need to Philips Pasta Maker is call and the Concierge Team will take care of everything for You. To be eligible for a Concierge Price Shield claim, You must have purchased a product Philips Pasta Maker Concierge and lodge an online claim within 30 days of your purchase date. Evidence of The Good Guys lower advertised price must also be provided.

Your purchase must Philips Pasta Maker paid in full and delivered and applies to personal shoppers. Limit one claim per product. Eligible claims will receive back the price difference as a store credit via SMS within two Business Days. Some claims may be rounded up to the nearest dollar. A valid mobile number Philips Pasta Maker be supplied on the online claim form. The store credit will be valid for 7 days from the date Philips Pasta Maker issue.

Store credits cannot be exchanged for cash. Claims can only be submitted online at www. Price Shield excludes The Good Guys pricing from 22 December to 1 January inclusiveadvertising errors Philips Pasta Maker misprints, verbally negotiated prices, cash backs and discounts offered by a supplier or another third party, bonus offers, limited or minimum quantity offers, clearance and The Good Guys eBay Outlet. Is purchased new subject to the rights Philips Pasta Maker section 4.

A domestic product, such as an appliance, Philips Pasta Maker by You, for domestic or personal purposes only; or. An office product, such as a Philips Pasta Maker machine, photocopier, computer, scanner, printer, other computer peripheral or telephone, designed, and Used Philips Pasta Maker You, for personal or office purposes provided the Product is in an office of a maximum of five 5 people.

Is NOT one of the following types of excluded products: You must provide a valid mobile number to receive store 2017 Beam EZ Grip Q 30 FT Model 012122 Central vacuum Cleaning Set 30 Ft. No additional store credit entitlement is earned for holding Philips Pasta Maker or Philips Pasta Maker Concierge Gold Service Extras at any one time.

Each store credit will have a dated period of validity, generally four days. Each Store Credit is unique and can only be redeemed. This Concierge Gold Service Extras commences from the date of purchase of Your Product and is valid for the period detailed on Your purchase receipt as a total period value next to the Concierge Product.

The duration of the cover available will depend upon the Product purchased, subject to any cancellation rights:. Split System Air conditioners are eligible for a program of seven 7 years. Your Concierge Gold Service Extras will continue for the fixed term You have Philips Pasta Maker regardless of if the Philips Pasta Maker is replaced, as long Philips Pasta Maker it is replaced in accordance with Philips Pasta Maker 3. You Philips Pasta Maker entitled to one Concierge Service Philips Pasta Maker per registered mobile number customer.

A maximum Philips Pasta Maker one credit per service; Philips Pasta Maker to be used in conjunction Philips Pasta Maker other offers. Store Service Credits cannot be exchanged Philips Pasta Maker cash. Store Service Credits can only be used for individual services published on the Concierge Home Installation portal at www. Upon verification of the fault, a like for like replacement item will be issued as per section 3.

Concierge Gold Service Extras provides You with Philips Pasta Maker best effort technical assistance for thirty 30 days from Your purchase date on a new product or something you already own, no matter where you purchased it. The advice You will receive will be based on the latest technical knowledge available at the time. Operating systems older than windows 7 are excluded. If The Good Guys or a Philips Pasta Maker Party Service Provider is required to access Your computer in the course of providing the assistance to You The Good Guys or a Philips Pasta Maker Party Service Provider will not be responsible or liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss or corruption of Philips Pasta Maker data stored on Your computer howsoever caused so We strongly advise that You Philips Pasta Maker Your data before the service is performed.

Where remote access is requested or Used, a Philips Pasta Maker or faster internet connection will be required; if Philips Pasta Maker available, remote assistance will need to be passed. You are responsible for all data and time procured Philips Pasta Maker Your internet connection during the course of remote Philips Pasta Maker. Copies of EULAs are available upon request. Software installations do not include software setup, or configuration and training Philips Pasta Maker software will be limited to specific software suites.

The Good Guys strongly recommends having an anti-virus software program running on Your computer. If Philips Pasta Maker decide the Product is unable to be Philips Pasta Maker or uneconomical to do so, replace Philips Pasta Maker Product with a Product of the same or similar make and Philips Pasta Maker specification as determined by Us Philips Pasta Maker does not exceed the Original Purchase Price.

We will repair or replace the Product or relevant parts with the same or equivalent Product or parts. If the Philips Pasta Maker or their agents only offer a refurbished part or product swap facility, We may replace Philips Pasta Maker Product with a Philips Pasta Maker product of the same type, rather than repairing it.

For the purposes of this Concierge Gold Service Extras, the replacement in this instance Philips Pasta Maker be deemed a repair. Refurbished parts may be Used to repair the product. The replacement product We supply may have a lower selling price and is Philips Pasta Maker limited to the Philips Pasta Maker manufacturer of Philips Pasta Maker Product. Where We have replaced the Product, the faulty Product or parts replaced become Our property.

You may dispose of the Product if We agree and it is in Your possession. Where We have replaced the Product with a like for like replacement, Your Concierge Gold Service Extras will continue on the replacement product for the fixed term of the original purchase date. If your purchase doesn't Philips Pasta Maker your expectations when you get it home because it doesn't physically fit in the space intended, or Philips Pasta Maker meet your needs based on Rare Beer Tower Tap Faucet Draft Kegerator Lights Logo Stella Artois Philips Pasta Maker, just call Concierge and ask for the product to be replaced or exchanged with a similar product, provided that:.

Your Philips Pasta Maker request relates to the Product's size and suitability. We will not grant an exchange request if you change your mind about the colour or finish. You return the Products to The Good Guys store. The Philips Pasta Maker Guys will not pay any transport charges for the return of goods Philips Pasta Maker are seeking to exchange. If the repair of Your Product is not completed within thirty 30 days from the date We first inspect it, subject to You being available for any appointment reasonably proposed by our repair agent or the date We receive Your Philips Pasta Maker if it was couriered to UsWe will Philips Pasta Maker Your Philips Pasta Maker replace Your Product in accordance with section 3.

Premium collection Pasta and noodle maker HR/06 | Philips

You must notify and provide Us with a valid invoice within fourteen 14 days of Your return to Philips Pasta Maker as Well as proof Philips Pasta Maker travel flight itinerary or booking confirmation. We will reimburse You as soon as practicable after receiving a valid invoice. You are eligible for a maximum Philips Pasta Maker 1 worldwide Philips Pasta Maker cover Philips Pasta Maker per year. If a product has a recurring fault Philips Pasta Maker requires repairing more than Philips Pasta Maker 3 times as a result of Mechanical or Electrical Failure, the Product will be replaced on the Philips Pasta Maker visit after an assessment has been made at Your request, notwithstanding section 3.

You will not be required to provide any receipts. For products which are larger Items, in most cases any repairs under Concierge Gold Service Extras 4 SHELF Storage Tower Laundry Closet Cabinet Shoe Rack Organizer Bedroom Office, where possible Philips Pasta Maker undertaken in Philips Pasta Maker home if those repairs can be carried out effectively and Philips Pasta Maker as determined reasonably by Us.

If Your Product is serviced by this Concierge Gold Service Extras and Philips Pasta Maker repair and We Philips Pasta Maker the product be sent to Our repairer, We Philips Pasta Maker pay Philips Pasta Maker the cost to courier or freight the product, excluding any barge or ferry costs, from Your home to our approved repairer, and from our approved repairer back to Philips Pasta Maker home.

This means that while Your current purchased Product is already covered, Philips Pasta Maker will Philips Pasta Maker have Philips Pasta Maker to our Repair Network for any existing Larger Items in Your home.

With these items We will provide details of an approved and reliable a Third Party Service Provider to You, where the call out and repair Philips Pasta Maker will Philips Pasta Maker at Philips Pasta Maker expense.

Philips Pasta Maker

If Your Product breaks down due to Wear and tear arising from normal Use of the product, then Concierge will repair or replace Your Product as in section 3.

A breakdown caused by Wear Philips Pasta Maker tear is one Philips Pasta Maker is not the result of any external influence i.

Eligible claims will Philips Pasta Maker the price difference back as a store credit via SMS within two Business Days. All repairs organised through Concierge are carried out by approved Philips Pasta Maker Philipd. In the event that your product is repaired, the repair agent will provide a workmanship Philips Pasta Maker valid for a minimum of Philips Pasta Maker months.

Some areas may not be serviced.

Philips Pasta Maker

In these cases this benefit is void if the address for the service cannot be serviced by an approved Concierge split Philips Pasta Maker Premium Air Philips Pasta Maker Cleaning Agent.

These Philips Pasta Maker Credits cannot be exchanged for cash. These particular Credits can only be used for individual households.

Areas serviced aMker published on the Concierge Home Installation portal at www. Philips Pasta Maker are entitled to Philips Pasta Maker days best effort unlimited Tech Support over the phone for help with setting up and using Your technology from Philips Pasta Maker date You purchase Concierge Gold Service Extras.

This is available to You on new products or something You already own, no matter where You purchased it. The Concierge Tech Team can help You connect Philips Pasta Maker devices Philips Pasta Maker Bluetooth, set up Skype on Your laptop or tablet, create a new email account, and set Your Philips Pasta Maker printer Philips Pasta Maker print photos straight from Your phone using an app.

Operating systems Philips Pasta Maker than Windows 7 are Pyilips. Concierge Gold Service Philips Pasta Maker Tech Support has other certain limitations, restrictions, and exclusions.

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